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Should I Learn XML for Android?
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Should I learn XML for Android?XML is rivaled by JSON.JSON is Java based, isn’t it?JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation.
JavaScript’s latest version is fully supportiveof JSON.Java is the primary programming language for
the Android, not JavaScript.JavaScript is the basic programming language
for nearly every API and web script in usefor the past twenty years.I’m thinking of my career for the next twenty
years.Java may be used to code apps for the Android,
but JavaScript is used for web-based apps.And both of them will probably use XML for
everything from log files to data file exchanges.I heard XML is used for user interface layouts
on the Android.That’s true. The Java Eclipse plugin uses
a resource compiler that converts an XML fileinto a compressed file format to store user
interface information.I could imagine there are a lot of other ways
of doing that.Using XML to store user interface settings
means the interface information is separatefrom the business logic.Then the interface data is saved locally,
regardless of the device or its settings.Or the user’s preferences.Then it sounds like XML is what I should learn.JSON is better for a lot of the same tasks
XML is used for. The files are smaller, sothey transfer faster and don’t need tree
manipulation.I’ll learn XML now to get started. I can
always learn JSON if it catches on.And learn Java to do more than call the XML
files stored locally on the user’s devices.That’s right up there with HTML and CSS
for programming web apps for smart phoneslike the Android.And it is way easier than the Objective C
that the iOS uses.That’s a subjective opinion, but XML and
Java should be faster to pick up.