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Java - Intro to Java Programming
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The language that you will learn in order to talk to the computer, is calledJava. The name Java was chosen for fun. Many programmers drink lots of coffee.And some people call coffee, Java, because of the island of Java. They growcoffee. Whatever. We've chosen Java, for a number of reasons. Java is very,very popular. There are millions of programmers who are familiar with Java andwho use it every day on the job. Java is as programming languages go, prettysimple for the most part. There are a few rough edges because Java was notdesigned as a training wheels language for students. It really is a real wordprogramming language. But, that's okay. Java is safe. And, that's great forstudents. When you make an error, you'll get a very clear indication of whatwent wrong, and it'll be easy for you to fix it. And finally, Java is veryuseful for the kinds of everyday tasks that you might encounter. Processingtext, processing images, dealing with the web. In this course, you will learn.To use Java in such a way that you can simplify your own work. So again, whatis Java? Java is a programming language, a language to write instructions forthe computer that is popular, simple, safe, and useful. Let's get going towrite some programs in Java.