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What is deque in java? When to use deque in java? Where i can use java deque?java why use deque instead of stack?

What is the difference between queue and dequeue in Java?

What is the use of Deque?

How queue is used in Java with example?

What is enqueue and dequeue in Java?
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Java Deque interface, java.util.Deque, speaks to a twofold finished line, which means a line where you can include and expel components from the two closures of the line.

The dequeue is a twofold finished line and information components can be included or expelled from either end.


Interface Deque<E>

Type Parameters:

E - the kind of components held in this gathering

Java Deque Interface is a direct gathering that supports component addition and expulsion at the two finishes.

The name Deque is a contraction of Double Ended Queue.

An ArrayDeque (otherwise called a "Cluster Double Ended Queue", articulated as "ArrayDeck") is an uncommon sort of a growable exhibit that enables us to include or expel a component from the two sides.

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Interface java.util.Collection methods

addAll, clear, containsAll, equals, hashCode, isEmpty, removeAll, retainAll, toArray, toArray
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Deque Methods Summary:

  1. add(element) 
  2. addFirst(element)
  3. addLast(element)
  4. offer(element)
  5. offerFirst(element)
  6. offerLast(element)
  7. iterator(): 
  8. descendingIterator(): 
  9. push(element)
  10. pop(element)
  11. removeFirst()
  12. removeLast()
  13. poll()
  14. pollLast()
  15. peek()
  16. peekFirst()
  17. peekLast()
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