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What DSX local? 

What is IBM Watson Studio?

How do you get experience in data science?

What is IBM Watson platform?

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Features of IBM data science experience (DSX):

 Data scientist gets opportunity to be successful by accessing IBM data science experience.

 IBM data science experience provides an interactive cloud based environment. Data scientists can use many tools such as such as R Studio, Jupyter, Python, Scala, and use Machine Learning techniques.

 A  Jupyter notebook is a web-based environment for interactive computing.


What is IBM Watson platform (DSX)?

 You can run small pieces of code that process your data and you can immediately view the results on your computation now. Watson machine learning is available to data science

Experience using algorithms that learn by looking at thousands of millions of data samples computers can make predictions based on these learned experiences to solve the same problem and new solutions.

Watson machine learning allows you to build sophisticated analytical models using your own data and deploy the models for use and applications data Science experience.

 Tools available for IBM Watson platform (DSX):

 Pixy dust and Brunell:

 Pixy Dust:

Helps you to quickly identify patterns gain insights and make decisions. Pixie dust is an open source helper library that works as an add-on to Jupyter notebooks to improve the user experience of working with data.


Brunell visualization language allows you to build interactive charts and diagrams

Python notebooks allow you to make decision optimization analysis and data science experience decision.

Data science experience community (DSX)?

 Data science in this community is platform to learn more and read  knowledgebase to keep yourself updated with data science new trends.

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