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android cursor:

What is the use of cursor in Android?

What is SQLite cursor?

What is the use of cursor?

What is ContentValues Android SQLite?
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In Android programming, putting away information into a database is certainly not a typical practice, as we have other and most appropriate strategies to store our information, for example, the SharedPreferences way. In any case, we do have an exceptionally solid instrument, that can help our Android Application speak with a database, and this is SQLite. SQLite is an Open Source Database for organized information in social databases. It is implanted in Android, to you don't need to do anything unique to set up or control a SQLite server.

private void myMethod () {

Cursor c =

SQLiteDatabase db;String sql;

db.rawQuery(sql, invalid)

SQLiteDatabase database;String table;

database.query(table, invalid, invalid, invalid, invalid, invalid, invalid)

Setting mContext;Uri uri;

mContext.getContentResolver().query(uri, invalid, invalid, invalid, invalid)

The fundamental motivation behind a cursor is to point to a solitary line of the outcome gotten by the inquiry. We load the column pointed by the cursor object. By utilizing cursor we can spare part of slam and memory.

Cursors ought to be shut when never again utilized, and will be deactivated with a call to Cursor.deactivate() when the application delays or exists.

bundle higherpass.TestingData;

import java.util.Locale;

import android.app.Acti...
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public interface Cursor 
implements Closeable

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Android-Reading data from a Cursor

Here is a case of a strategy that would live inside a SQLiteOpenHelper subclass. It utilizes the searchTerm String to channel the outcomes, emphasizes through the Cursor's substance, and returns those substance in a List of Product Objects. 

To begin with, characterize the Product POJO class that will be the holder for each column recovered from the database: 

open class Product { 

long mId; 

String mName; 

String mDescription; 

coast mValue; 

open Product(long id, String name, String portrayal, glide esteem) { 

mId = id; 

mName = name; 

mDescription = depiction; 

mValue = esteem; 


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