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How do I access my Android device screen?

What is DDMS Android?

Where is Device Manager in Android Studio?

How do I reset ADB?
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Android Device Monitor

Android Device Monitor is an independent device that gives a graphical UI to a few Android application troubleshooting and examination apparatuses. 

The Dalvik Debug Monitor Server (DDMS) is a further developed investigating apparatus accessible in the SDK. The DDMS can be gotten to from Android Studio through the Android Device Monitor device. This apparatus can screen both a genuine gadget and the emulator. 

Android Device Monitor was deplored in Android Studio 3.1 and expelled from Android Studio 3.2. The highlights that you could use through the Android Device Monitor have been supplanted by new highlights. The table beneath causes you choose which highlights you should use rather than these expostulated and evacuated highlights. 

I can't discover android gadget screen choice in the apparatuses segment. In the past update it was there in instruments >android->android gadget screen. 

In the event that you need to push or force your documents from gadgets screen now android studio offers something better then android screen. Simply investigate right half of your studio there is an alternative gadget record traveler. Open it and you are a great idea to go. Select your gadget from top dropdown and rest of everything is basically equivalent to it was in android screen. 

To begin Device Monitor, enter the accompanying order from the SDK devices/registry: 

On the off chance that you are a developer, once in a while you needs to see the document framework on the recreation gadget , duplicate the records in your reenactment Android gadget to PC and the other way around.

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Main components of Android Device Monitor :

Dalvik Debug Monitor Server (DDMS)



Tracer for OpenGL ES Use the Graphics API Debugger.

Hierarchy Viewer

Pixel Perfect Use Layout Inspector.

Network Traffic tool

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