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What does Char Cannot be Dereferenced mean in Java?

How do you convert int to int in Java?

How do you convert an int to a string in Java?
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int cannot be dereferenced

ints are a primative sort and don't have a toString strategy.

String someString = 12345 + ""; 

Another path is to utilize the toString static strategy on the Integer class 

String someString = Integer.toString(12345); 

You announce int Value[] so esteem on line 134 speaks to an int. 

ints (like booleans and buoys) are "natives", not Objects, so they don't have techniques. That is the reason your code Value.equals... gives a mistake - yuo attempt to call the equals(..) strategy on a crude that does not have any techniques. 

open void sortByTimeByHour() 

Collections.sort(messageList, new Comparator() 

open int compare(Object o1, Object o2) 

int t1 = ((Message) o1).getHour(); 

int t2 = ((Message) o2).getHour(); 

return t1.compareTo(t2); 


Regardless of whether that was OK despite everything it wouldn't work since Value is an int and search_a_value is a String. 

You could change over the String in search_a_value to an int esteem, at that point simply use == to contrast that and esteem. 

Examine the Integer class in the API doc 

http://download.oracle.com/javase/6/docs/programming interface/ 

you will discover there a strategy called parseInt(String s) 

which takes a String and parses it and returns the incentive as an int (gave the String speaks to a substantial int). That is the technique you have to change over your String to an int 

Peruse the API doc for every one of the subtleties. 

I have discovered how to change over a whole number into a string at this site 


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view sourceprint?



with  code:



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There is a bug You are attempting to dereference an int, coming about in an int can't be dereferenced aggregation mistake.

I recommend a fix to contrast an int shading an incentive with a hex string is supplant

int activeWidgetColor = Color.parseColor(cropperActiveWidgetColor);


on the off chance that (activeWidgetColor.equals(DEFAULT_TINT))


int activeWidgetColor = Color.parseColor(cropperActiveWidgetColor);


on the off chance that (String.format("#%06X", (0xFFFFFF and activeWidgetColor)).equals(DEFAULT_TINT))
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Problem while compiling/debugging: int cannot be dereferenced

you can do it in following way... 

num1 = Integer.toString(temporary).substring(0,1); 

num2 = Integer.toString(temporary).substring(1,1); 

this is the best approach to change over int to string. 

one more thing... the second line that is in your code 

"Whole number stage1 = new Integer(num1); 

Whole number stage2 = new Integer(num2); 

int iNewSource1 = stage1.intValue(); 

int iNewSource2 = stage2.intValue(); 

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