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What is stack smashing error? What is stack smashing C? What is FNO stack protector? How does stack protector work? What does stack smashing detected mean?

What does stack smashing mean?

What causes stack smashing?

How does stack protector work?
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Fix for Stack smashing detected

Stack crushing is an extravagant term utilized for stack cushion floods. It alludes to assaults that adventure bugs in code empowering cushion floods. 

This kind of mistake is typically the consequence of keeping in touch with the area indicated by a uninitialised pointer or writting off the finish of a cluster (cushion overwhelm). 

1. Check every one of your pointers and exhibits. 

2. In the event that conceivable take a stab at slashing out lumps of code (beginning from the finish of the program) until the program begins working without mistake (albeit clearly the yield may not be right). 

The cradle overwhelm happened in light of the fact that I was passing a parameter longer than 10 characters to the program. 

Well it's pleasant that ubuntu can recognize this now. Thus, troubleshooting things like this is almost unthinkable from simply taking a gander at the code. What you have to do is either run this under gdb (the gnu debugger) and afterward when it prematurely ends take a gander at the stack follow.

Prior it was exclusively the duty of software engineers/designers to ensure that there is no plausibility of a cradle flood in their code however with time compilers like gcc have banners to ensure that cushion flood issues are not abused by saltines to harm a framework or a program. 

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How to fix GCC stack smashing detection

According to  Wikipedia on Stack Smashing, somewhere  its writing outside the buffer.
Perhaps a bad index for allocated memory may be the cause for this problem.
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