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I am getting this error: SyntaxError: EOL while scanning string literal

using python 3.5.1.

Can you please help with this? Thanks in Advance.
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eol while scanning string literal meaning in python

I'm going to start by opening a browser and playing a song. So previously, I Goggled to find out how one would open a web browser in python. And I discovered that there is this function called webbrowser.open. This function takes in the link I want to open. I just placed a YouTube address in there. Infect, this could have been any link you want. Let's save the program and run it. I'm going to call it Breaktime dot Py. Py stands for Python. To run it, I will click on run, and then click on run module. Now my hypothesis is that when we run this program it will open the YouTube link. Let's see. Oh. It seems like we have an error. It says there's an error in your program, EOL, whatever that means, while scanning the string literal.  Python is pointing out the error. It seems like I missed the closing quote, so I'm going to add that. Let me save the program one more time and run it. Now I believe it will workshy, another error. You know, when I first learned how to program, I felt so intimidated by these errors. Look at them. They are red and in your face, but to make the program work, we have to somehow get past them. So, would you mind reading the error and telling us what you think is the problem with this code?

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