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Whitelabel Error Page /There was an unexpected error (type=Internal Server Error, status=500)

Whitelabel Error Page

This application has no explicit mapping for /error, so you are seeing this as a fallback.

Thu Jan 11 02:50:26 CET 2014

There was an unexpected error (type=Not Found, status=404).

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Java string error so the solution of the error is a white label: error so most of the users have been they write a writer spring project and they always gave the URL which is a different or which is not made with the controller URL then it gives me an error and if the data type is written type is not a good and not too fine for the expected response then it gives the so here we are we are going to create a demo project demo project for our this solution here is a very quick start starter tool half and spring so we need only the web and the tailor tools for now then we will have another solution for another thing right for right now we are creating here a spirited now going to have just extract ok then go tithe Dothan import or open that project now wearer going here downwards then here is the demo project we are importing here demo project in our IDE so it is importing a rare resulting event dependencies in the project it's very easy to start a spring project so from beginning we are we will generate error first or we are creating the simple controller enter to it so that we can have excess or we can have call on the controller and you're he recreating controller calling it remained controller we know the dependency here the controller notation is very simple just create method for getting a some response I’m just it should be a public and a return type I'm giving it the string and get response it's just a simple just returning a nice feminine string test get my mapping it is the gate through paste so I'm here the response takes okay it's simple now a second controller we have to run this application here just running the application and then we will check the output in our browser then I think there will be an error there will be an error for that yes we are coming here the response you are it is starting the server is started goodness from their project here we arelocalhost:8080slashed we are testing your response text and we can find the white label error page so this is for what we are happening how we are seeing here we can change the response here you know a way response it gives an error because of this string just a string it's doing its things that there may be template in here in the template file it always goes for the searching the template but it could not follow the template over there with the name of hello space then test JSP or any HTML patch so we are just here heading in interval notation what does it to dote automatic response generate the automatic response to the colour that response what where response this the text will be into the response it is an automatic by the spring so restart firsthand after restarting you may refresh the page the server is restarted so let’s refresh the page we can follow him wean find here the hello test takes so Isa solution of that error but there cane there can be multiple solutions for that if we are if you are removing this one from here and just giving the string here and giving you the another page like we are adding a simple hello page here the HTML page here it issue for your headings HTML page for now we just print Testament tag hello.htmlpatch we are prompting with s hello HTML tag with h1 heading 1 okay then we are wingman back it is the same method this is the same name but there but we will find error at the same time because we are missing some dependencies like theme leaf dependency we needed for doing this tinplating as a tinplating dependency we can find here with dependency here we can find dependency like the theme same leaf dependency softer our dependency we can get here another project like test ok just we inform the purpose of the dependency we canon the dependency from that project here we can see the edges of test and we just need a dependency what is actually if you doesn't see there here is a projects we can find in wall album XML here wean find dependency of theme leaves just copy that dependency and paste in your existing form in your ID so wearer going here ID ok before adding the dependency we can run it because server they started now just refresh it we can find here the error again because of the Lee dividends here we are putting here that's very simple we are putting a dependency of watch team Lee just four okay then after that you making a porter we may run the tusklike a maven clean install after that as a main task and we can you story stop that page that project it is building here again you build after building that we can refresh the page or product page then we can see or HTML edge here thistle can be a JSP or anything else like HTML .
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