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Problem :

I am getting bellow error while installing android sdk

exception in thread "main" java.lang.noclassdeffounderror: javax/xml/bind/annotation/xmlschema

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1 Answer

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Possible Cause:

It seems the problem is caused by Java 9 version.


I had a similar problem trying to build for Android . I tried uninstalling JDK9 and installing Java SE Development Kit 8u144. And it worked for me.

Please find below steps to remove error:

  1. brew cask uninstall java 
  2. brew tap caskroom/versions
  3. brew cask install java8 
  4. touch ~/.android/repositories.cfg # without this file, error will occur on next step
  5. brew cask install android-sdk


Please uninstall Java 9 to resolve the issue.

Further Readings:


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