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Issues with tiny url:

I'm attempting to put http://tinyurl.com/in Fire fox version 3.0.19 

It says to simply drag the connection up to my connections toolbar however there is no room .

How might I have an resident link that I can see simply taking a gander at Fire Fox to tiny url so I can simply tap on it when I have a long url? 

There's some sort of a toolbar underneath the links tool bar however when I attempt to drag the link url  there nothing occurs.


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1 Answer

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Solution 1.

In the Bookmarks Toolbar drag and drop the text  "TinyURL!"

Solution 2.

Bookmark this link by right clicking on text "TinyURL!" and save it on Bookmarks Toolbar


Solution 3:

Copy below code to paste later in specified area:



Paste the content of clipboard by opening All Bookmarks entry, then click the Bookmarks Toolbar entry.

On the right, right-click an empty area and choose New Bookmark.

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