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What this message means in facebook,  "you're temporarily blocked it looks like you were misusing this feature by going too fast". How to tackle this issue? Its really annoying.

I have no clue why I got this message. Attempting to discover any data on Facebook is hard to outlandish. I read through their rules and I haven't violated any of their approaches. I was going to quick? The main thing I could discover is that I may have posted a lot in a brief timeframe. I posted around 15 pictures/things toward the beginning of today. Furthermore, I'm just on Facebook once per day. I have one companion that posts more than 40 things in a day. Help!

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On the off chance that you coincidentally line a lot of things for presenting on a gathering where you are never again an administrator they will block you. This may occur, for instance, if a  multi-consultant group evacuates you as an administrator after a deal is done and after that you coincidentally attempt to upload there. 

In the event that you post a great deal of things to a variety of gatherings. You should attempt to abstain from stacking to more than a few distinct gatherings for each day to be protected. 

In the event that you post a ton of things for each day. In the event that you're getting this mistake message regularly, at that point you ought to consider posting less photographs every day. There's no set number, Facebook applies the utmost distinctively dependent on your history on the stage. You'll have to analyze until you locate the perfect measure of photographs for your record. More often than not, most importantly in case despite everything you're getting the blunder message you have to post less photographs. 

On the off chance that you endeavor to post after Facebook has returned blunders identified with your consents or other "unsupported" demands. 

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