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Problem :

The program supposed to take in two names, and if they are the same length it should check if they are the same word.

But i am getting below error in python

python typeerror: not all arguments converted during string formatting

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2 Answers

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The correct way to use traditional string formatting using the '%' operator is to use a printf-style format string (Python documentation for this here: http://docs.python.org/2/library/string.html#format-string-syntax):

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If I understand correctly, you are having the String formatting issue. Correct me if I am wrong. It is hard to get the problem and provide a solution without seeing the code snippet. Please attach the code snippet with your question from your next post. As per my understanding, the right way formatting a string in python3 is:

print("Hello {}, your balance is {}.".format("Adam", 230.2346))

And as long as the whole program is concerned you don’t need to use string formatting in your codes. You can try this:

first_name = input("\nEnter the frist name")
second_name = input("\nEnter the second name")
if len(first_name) == len(second_name):
	if first_name == second_name:
		print("\nSame name")
		print("Not the same name")

Good luck!

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