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Problem : 

Here's my code

def defausse_rack_prov(word,rack_prov):
    for i in word:
        if i.upper() in rack_prov:
            rack_prov[rack_prov.index[i]]='' #This is the problematic line
    return rack_prov

I keep getting

TypeError: 'builtin_function_or_method' object is not subscriptable

What should I do ?

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2 Answers

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Solution :

It Should be .index(i) - parenthesis, not brackets as shown below

e.g. def defausse_rack_prov(word,rack_prov):
     for i in word:
        if i.upper() in rack_prov:
     return rack_prov

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I figure out you want


The expression listb.pop is a valid python expression which results in a reference to the pop method, however doesn't really call that method. You require to include the open and close parentheses to call the method.

You used [] instead of () at the time attempting to call append.

Seems like you typed brackets instead of parenthesis by mistake.

You are attempting to access pop as in case was a list or a tupple, however pop is not. It's a method.

instead of writing listb.pop[0] write


This error arises at the time you don't use brackets with pop operation. Write the code in this manner.


or You can attempt this code

featIndex = featLabels.index(firstStr)


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