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Problem :

When I installed the final certificate I got the following error:

keytool error: java.lang.Exception: Failed to establish chain from reply
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1 Answer

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Solution :

To resolve the issue follow bellow steps:

  1.  You will be able to see the certificate chain on the third tab that looks as the following image.enter image description here

  2. Select the root certificate from the chain and click on the button "View Certificate".

  3. A new window will open, go to the second tab and click on the "Save File" button. This will open an export wizard for your ceritficate.
  4. When exporting, select the X.509 base 64 option and follow the instructions. Save the file.
  5. Repeat for the intermediate certificate.
  6. Upload both certificates to your server and import into the keystore following the order - first root, second intermediate and finally your certificate.

Before I imported those certificates, I had to delete the ones that were on my keystore and were not working. To do so, I used the following instructions:

keytool -delete -alias [root] -keystore [keystore file]

If you are not sure what is inside your keytool, you can view by using:

keytool -list -keystore [keystore file]

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