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Problem :

I am getting bellow facebook error
it looks like you were misusing this feature by going too fast. you’ve been blocked from using it.
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2 Answers

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Solution :

I just had this problem too so I did some research on it, it seems that even if the rate limits are shown in Facebook docs, there are also lot more limited and opaque rate for POST requests to limit spam Posts.

It is not clearly set by Facebook but it could depend on your relationship to the page you are posting on and if you are posting on multiple pages too quickly.

So the answer of the question is it seems that it would be better if you posted 1 post per minute or less on Facebook.

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This is a standard error when you use Invite feature on Facebook website. Facebook uses this error even if you don't invite fast and just reached the limit. They have just this error for all problems.

How to avoid it:

1. Do not invite more than 500 people every day.
2. Sometimes Facebook blocks you randomly, just to test what you will do. Use this script, we have instructions on how to avoid this        block

Here is detailed description:

On July 6 facebook starts to ban invite feature randomly even if you use mobile and invite manually. Less than 5% of users are affected, they test what users will do, they expect we start to pay for page likes :) They show standard message 'going too fast'.

Here what you should do and fb will stop to ban Invite feature and everything will work fine

- each time you see ban msg - click on ‘let us know’ and write to fb that you see that by error. This is the most important step, if you don't report the block - they use it again!
- use the script with 4-5 seconds timeout between clicks for paid version and big timeout for free version. No need to use bigger timeouts. And do not invite manually (unless you can take a 4-5 sec pause between your clicks.
- if you were banned twice in a raw you should take 2-3 days pause to reset that
- clear the fb cookies
- do not use fb at the same time when script is running
- if you paid fb for boosting posts with paypal - ask them for the full refund, and they will stop to block you forever very quick xD

Reason behind it

  • If you accidentally queue a bunch of items for posting to a group where you are no longer an admin they tend to block you more aggressively.  This might happen, for example, if a multi-consultant group removes you as an admin after a sale is done and then you accidentally try to upload there.
  • If you post a lot of items to a lot of different groups.  You should try to avoid loading to more than two or three different groups per day to be safe.
  • If you post a lot of items per day.  If you're getting this error message often then you should consider posting fewer photos per day.  There's no set number, Facebook applies the limit differently based on your history on the platform.  You'll need to experiment until you find the right amount of photos for your account.  Most of the time, the bottom line is that if you're still getting the error message you need to post fewer photos.
  • If you attempt to post after Facebook has returned errors related to your permissions or other "unsupported" requests
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