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Problem :

I had successfully added one Account to Acumatica and had no issues but when I went back to add a support email then I started getting a following error

server returned error: "[auth] web login required:"

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2 Answers

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Solution :

Acumatica is considered the less secure app so please make sure you are logged in to email account which you want to add to Acumatica and complete the below steps.

  1. In the top right most corner please select "My Account" After that click on the connected sites and also the apps link in the first box on the left
  2. Now toggle the allow less secure apps.
  3. Now your issue will be resolved.
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To solve this problem follow the steps:

1- Sign into the old Gmail account first ( the one you are trying to fetch mail from )

2 -  you may need to Enable less-secure Apps for that account >>

3 - Then go here:

4 - Then sign in to the zoho account ( the one you are trying to fetch mail into ) and go to Settings/Mail Account/Add POP3 Account within the 10 minute window you are allowed.

5 - fill out the POP3 details with your G-Mail information; xxx[at]gmailcom;  username[at]gmailcom 995 SSL; username[at]gmailcom  gmail password

6 - click test and it should authenticate and move to the next step which is smtp. 465 SSL; username[at]gmailcom  gmail password

 if the above suggestion doesn't work, there are more options listed here for example changing the password on the account you want to fetch FROM


if you use 2-step on the account you want to fetch FROM then you need to create an application specific password  »  or just turn it off.

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