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Problem :

I am getting following java error

failed to write core dump. minidumps are not enabled by default on client versions of windows 10

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2 Answers

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Solution :

I can give you two solutions as following

1: Using jvmargs

One of the jvmargs was giving the error to me while starting the jetty ant task with jrebel args. So i removed the jvmargs arguments and just ran the  mvn jetty:run command with -javaagent keeping pointed to jrebel.jar and it simply worked for me.

2: Using .metadat

  1. One can close Eclipse.
  2. Delete the .metadata folder from your workspace directory.
  3. Now open Eclipse and import the projects from the workspace please do not copy these because they are already in it.
  4. It will also solve the issue
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Make a Dump File

  1. Open the Minecraft startup device.

  2. Open Task Manager and go to Procedure for Windows 8/8.1 or Applications for 7.

  3. Right-click on Java(TM) Platform SE Binary or easily on your MC Launcher.

  4. trace “Create Dump File” and click on it

  5. wait whilst the end and play Minecraft without screwing up

Updating Java to advanced version.

You have a issue in native code. Updating Java will unlikely aid in that state.

Update Windows

This will just support in case the native code that you employ is updated through Windows Updates

Enable Mini-dumps via Advanced System Settings -- > Startup & Recovery -- > Settings -- > Choosing 'small memory dump'.

This setting is for kernel mode crashes (Blue Screen), not for application crashes (user mode). There is moreover a setting for application crashes (a Registry setting named LocalDumps) however it won't perform for Java, because Java does its own exception handling.

To obtain crash dumps from Java 9 and above, employ the following command line switch:


On Java 8 and before, employ the Windows seclude command line


This will provide you more details on what occurs at the time of the crash. It will still be an AccessViolation however you'll obtain the callstack etc. - in case you have the knowledge of debugging it with WinDbg or similar.

Update Graphic Driver to advanced from official producer's (Nvidia) website.

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