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Problem :

When ever i use the predict glmnet function i get the below mentioned error
error in cbind2(1, newx) %*% nbeta : not-yet-implemented method for <data.frame> %*% <dgcmatrix>
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1 Answer

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Solution :

It seems your original data frame has a factor variable among the predictor variables. So when ever you use model.matrix it does something sensible with this variable; if you pass it directly to predict, it will not know what to do.

newX <- model.matrix(~.-y,data=x_test)
fit_test<-predict(fit, newx=newX,s=lambda_min)

You could also have replicated this example with a minimal example, with just a few lines of data ... for example, this setup gives the same error 

dd <- data.frame(y=rnorm(5),
model <- model.matrix(y~., data=dd)
n <- nrow(dd)
train <- sample(1:n, size=round(0.8*n))
test <- setdiff(1:n,train)
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