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Problem :

I was trying to install an application in Windows it produces the following message:
error opening installation log file. verify that the specified location exists and is writable
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2 Answers

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Solution :

I had encountered similar issue recently.

After researching on it i found following solution on your issue:

  1. Press CTRL-ALT-DEL and launch Task Manager or you can right-click Desktop Task Bar and choose Start Task Manager.
  2. Click on Processes Tab.
  3. Now locate and select the explorer.exe and click End Process.
  4. After doing that you may need to select ShowProcesses from all users.

Task manager

  • Now Click End Process to the prompt
  • Your Desktop Icons and Desktop Bar should disappear.
  • Hit CTRL-ALT-DEL to launch the Task Manager again.
  • Now Click on File -> New Task (Run...).
  • Type the explorer.exe and click Ok.
  • Now finally your Desktop Task bar and Icons should  appear again.

New task

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This is a super simple solution:

Task Manager to kill explorer.exe, and then begin a new example of it.

  1. Hit CTRL-ALT-DEL to launch Task Manager or right-click Desktop Task Bar and select Start Task Manager.

  2. Click On Processes Tab.

  3. Allocate and choose the explorer.exe, click End Process.

  4. You may require to choose Show Processes from all users.

  • Click on End Process to the prompt.

  • Your Desktop Icons and Desktop Bar will vanish.

  • Press CTRL-ALT-DEL to launch Task Manager again.

  • Click File -> New Task (Run...)

  • Type explorer.exe and click Ok.

  • Your Desktop Task bar and Icons must seem again.

You can encounter this error in case TMP and TEMP directories are several. This can result in installer files being written to TMP however at the time trying to read those files employing the TEMP value you view in the error.

Ensure that both values are referring to the similar path. For example, from a command prompt:

set TEMP=%tmp%

and then run the installation again

Else, it seems like an operating system permission problem.

This can happen in case Windows Installer Logging is enabled, however the Windows Installer engine cannot rightly write the uninstallation log file. This condition can happen in case the Windows Installer's application heap becomes freed and thus loses the information on where to store the log file. At the time this happens, Windows Installer tries to write to the location 'C:\Windows\System32' and addresses it as a file. Exact behavior would be to write to the following location and file name: 'C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\MSIxxxxxx.log'.

What reasons ‘Error opening installation log file’?

As discussed above, this error is related to logging of Windows Installer. Logging is originally keeping track of all the installs and uninstalls and storing them. This method you can obtain the technical details in a text document. A detailed list of why this error might happen is:

  • The Windows Installer module is having trouble keeping a log of installs and uninstalls since it doesn’t know where to store the file.

  • The Installer is either corrupt or its installation file are absence.

  • Windows Explorer is instantly related in all of Windows Installer workings. It may be in an error situation.

Before you move on with the solutions, make sure that you have administrator privileges. We might be executing few command prompt statements which may require elevated status.

 1: Running the application’s uninstaller

Before you move on to the detailed solutions, it should be noted that it is always recommended to uninstall a program employing its own uninstaller. At the time you uninstall a program employ the Windows Application manager, it might not always launch the application’s native uninstaller application. At the time you employ the application’s native uninstaller, it bypasses all these issues which Windows Installer encounters and uninstalls the program rightly after removing all the files. You can trace the application’s uninstaller by navigating to its directory and allocate the file ‘uninstall.exe’. Run it and ensue the on-screen instructions. Ensure that that you have administrator access.

 2: Restarting Explorer.exe

Explorer.exe is the method of Windows Explorer which is more like a file manager. But, unlike other easy file managers, it also communicates and transfers information to other modules such as Windows Installer. In case it is corrupt or in an error state, you might experience the error message under discussion. Restarting Windows Explorer is also the official solve listed by Microsoft.

  1. Hit Windows + R to bring up the Run Type “taskmgr” in the dialogue box to bring up your computer’s task manager.

  2. At one time in the task manager, click on the “Processes” tab situated on the top of the new window.

  3. Currently allocate the task of Windows Explorer in the list of processes. Click on it and press the “Restart” button present at the bottom left side of the window.

  1. Afterwards restarting Windows Explorer, attempt running the installation file again and check in case the error message is resolved.

  2. In case your file manager and desktop icons vanish, you can launch Windows Explorer again manually. Press Windows + R, type ‘explorer.exe’ in the dialogue box and press Enter.

3: Fixing TMP and TEMP directories

You might further experience this error in case the ‘TMP’ and ‘TEMP’ directories of the file are several. This will happen Windows Installer to write to TMP’ however at the time it will attempt to read them employing the attribute of ‘TEMP’, it will obtain an error and produced it to you. We can attempt referring the values of both towards the similar direction so the conflict gets resolved.

  1. Hit Windows + S, type “command prompt” in the dialogue box, right-click on it and Choose Run as administrator.
  2. At one time in the command prompt, execute the following statement.
set TEMP+%tmp%
  1. Presently attempt running the installation and view in case this fixes the problem.

Solution 4: Manually removing the log file

In case you still accept this error even after following the above two solutions, you can attempt to manually remove the INSTALL log file from the application’s directory. There are some instances where there is a log file meanwhile with the proper file names. In case this occurs, Windows Installer doesn’t replace it and provides an error message. We can attempt manually removing and view in case this takes the Installer out of its error state.

  1. Open your Program files in Local Disk C (this is the default location of installation files. In case you installed on few other disk, open that directory) and allocate your program.

  2. At one time in the program’s directory, seek for the file ‘INSTALL.txt’. At one time you allocate it, cut it and paste it to some other directory (like the Desktop).

  3. Currently attempt running the Installer again and view in case this fixed the problem.

In addition to the solutions mentioned above, you can also attempt the following fixes:

  • Running an SFC System File Checker will scan all your Windows files (adding Windows Installer) and solve any discrepancies (if present). Open an high command prompt and execute the following ‘sfc /scannow’.
  • Re-register Windows Installer or Reinstall In case Windows Installer is corrupt, you can refresh it manually. The reinstall might solve any missing parts or modules in the program. You can detailed information on how to do this in Microsoft’s official website.
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