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Problem :

Facing following error on Arch Linux with node-sass here I am using it with gulp-sass.

node sass does not yet support your current environment: os x 64-bit with unsupported runtime

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2 Answers

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Solution :

I managed to solve this issue using the following command.

npm audit fixWorked for me !!

npm audit fix

I tried following command - Didn't worked for me

sudo npm rebuild node-sass

Then I tried following commands - Didn't worked for me

npm uninstall --save-dev node-sass


npm install --save-dev node-sass
So use npm audit fix to ressolve the issue.
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1. Open your package.json file and in “devDependencies” section, alter “gulp-sass” version to “^3.0.1” and save the file.

2. Run npm install

npm rebuild node-sass

run npm rebuild node-sass


run sudo npm rebuild node-sass

in few instances you require to uninstall and install node-sass library. Attempt:

npm uninstall --save-dev node-sass


npm install --save-dev node-sass

node-sass v4.11.0 doesn't work with Node 12.

I faced this problem at the time I upgraded node to v12.

Rebuilding node-sass as indicated by the other answers didn't work as well.

Upgrading node-sass to v4.12.0 solved it for me.

npm install node-sass@4.12.0

npm audit fix - performed for me

npm audit fix

Go the path where node-sass is current and run this command

npm rebuild node-sass --force

go with advanced node-saas you must be fine:

"node-sass": "^4.11.0",


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