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Problem :

How can i fix the following error

build completed with a result of 'failed' unityengine.guiutility:processevent(int32, intptr)

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1 Answer

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Solution :

I had the same error when I tried to build an app. I was probably using unity 2017.2.1f1. And I resolved the issue by changing the tools in the sdk folder with the tools_r25.2.5 - To do that i simply download this file online here -

At first just rename the tools folder already present in sdk root folder with toolsXYZ and then Unziped tools_r25.2.5 and after that copied its tools into the sdk root folder.

Still, my error was present then I thought my jdk version is not correct. So downloaded the correct jdk1.8 from here -

Downloaded java kit 8u161 and then in Edit->Preferences ->External Tools Set these jdk1.8 path and sdk paths.

It worked for me after that and I built my first app using Unity 3d 

I hope it works for you too.

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