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Problem :

While trying to compile my C program I encountered following error
agreeing to the xcode/ios license requires admin privileges, please re-run as root via sudo.
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2 Answers

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Solution :

I also got stuck as I was trying to a go get it was related to git. Please find the solution as follows:

  1. I tried the following in the terminal:

    sudo xcodebuild -license
  2. That opened the agreement. Now you need to go all the way to end and type "agree".

That will take care of all go get issues.

The solution was quite interesting i hope it helps you.

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Open up Xcode, and receive the new user agreement. This was happening since a new version of Xcode was downloaded and the new agreement was not accepted.

sudo xcodebuild -license

will take care of it with no unease on the command line. Remember that you'll have to manually scroll through the license, and agree to its terms at the end, unless you include "accept" to the command line

sudo xcodebuild -license accept

Here is how was able to solve it .

  1. I affixed the following in terminal:
sudo xcodebuild -license
  1. This will released the agreement. Then, Go all the way to end and type "agree".

That takes care of go obtain issues.

You don't require to idle around with any command :)

At one time the XCode is updated, released the Xcode IDE program. Please receive terms and conditions.

You are all set to go :

Consenting to the Xcode/iOS license claims admin privileges, please re-run as root via sudo.

A new version of OSX or XCode was installed and Apple needs you to agree to their Terms and Conditions. Hence only launch Xcode and "Agree" to them.

Ensue these steps:

  1. Open Terminal.

  2. Enter this command: sudo xcodebuild --license.

  3. Enter system password.

  4. Agree to the license.

I had the similar problem, after receiving the license launching XCode or running sudo xcodebuild -license accept i had to restart my Mac – otherwise it did not performed.

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