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Problem :

All of a sudden I am unable to build my project. I started to get the following compiler error:

/Applications/ failed with exit code 255

I got this error for a lot of my xib files. Any clues what is happening and what will be the Solution for it?

Please Note : I am using Xcode 4.6 and iOS 6.1.

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1 Answer

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Solution :

I had experienced the same thing and nobody could resolve the issue for me. I tried by myself and it turned out to be the duplicate UILabel in the storyboard because of  the GIT merge. I found that the Xcode will crash if two UI elements have the same internal ID.

My solution for the issue as follows:

  • Try to step backward through the git history, keep checking out each commit until the first storyboard is found that did not crash the Xcode.
  • After that the commit that started crashing, check out its HEAD and try to revert the storyboard changes in the problem commit. Also continue to narrow it down until you have the one UI element that causes the crash.
  • Now revert the responsible change permanently and also restart the Xcode. Open the storyboard again and you might be warned about an internal inconsistency please agree to the proposed changes the Xcode makes but keep reviewing them.
  • And your issue will be resolved.
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