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Problem :

I am new to Lambda and want to setup my Lambda to access my Mongo server on one of the EC2 instances in VPC. I tried selecting all the subnets and security groups, but still I am getting the following error while trying to save "You are not authorized to perform: CreateNetworkInterface."

I think, I need to do some kind of policy setup in AWS IAM to make this happen.

I have required "AdministratorAccess" and I am trying very hard to add IAM role to my account.

Please let me know what policy/role I need to add for this problem to be fixed?

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Solution :

I had faced this issue in the recent past. I did lot of research on it.

I found the following solution to solve your issue.

If the error message is saying that "This Lambda function is not authorized to perform: CreateNetworkInterface" then it is more practical that Lambda role needs to be modified with appropriate policy. So fixed the problem by adding the lambda with the policy actions as follows:

 Type: "AWS::IAM::Role"
   RoleName: "Network-Lambda-Role"
     Version: '2012-10-17'
       Effect: "Allow"
         - "lambda.amazonaws.com"
       - "sts:AssumeRole"
   - PolicyName: "network-lambda-role-policy"
       Version: '2012-10-17'
       - Effect: "Allow"
         Action: [
         Resource: "*"

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