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Problem :

I had recently uninstalled the Postgres10 and after that reinstalled the Postgres10. After that I went to run a Node, Express, React application that relies on connecting to a Postgres10 database and also communicates with it using Sequelize.

Initially I was unable to connect it to the database. Then I realized that the uninstall process removed my old databases so then I had to recreate the new one with the name that this application is connected to. Then when I restarted the both server and client, the front-end interaction with the database was working back to normal e. g. writing new users and reading them for authentication etc.

But now I am facing the following error in the Chrome Dev Tools console on every pageload of the app:

Unchecked runtime.lastError: Could not establish connection. Receiving end does not exist

The current error makes a reference to localhost/:1. When I try to hover over this, it shows me http://localhost:3000/, the address I am viewing the app at in the browser.

Does anyone have any idea what is going wrong? Please suggest me the solution for my error.

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Solution :

For Chrome Browser:

1. You have your chrome browser window open with the console error, please open up a second new chrome browser window.

2. In the second new chrome browser window, please go to: chrome://extensions

3. Here please Disable each extension by toggling and refresh the new chrome browser window with the console after toggling each of the extension.

4. Once you see that you don't have the error anymore just remove the extension.

5. Now your issue is resolved

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