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Problem :

I am facing following error message:

Index in position 1 is invalid. Array indices must be positive integers or logical values.

My code is as follows:


close all;


PD=phantom('Modified Shepp-Logan');

padimage = [2,2];

PD= padarray(PD,padimage);




title('Circle Phantom')



freq = 2;

thetas = 0:freq:180;

gtheta  = length(thetas);

gl = size(PD,1);

sinogram = zeros(gl,gtheta);

for i = 1:length(thetas)

   tmpImage      = imrotate(PD,-thetas(i),'bilinear','crop');

   sinogram(:,i) = sum(tmpImage);




title('Circle Sinogram');




Fl = size(sinogram,1);

Ftheta  = length(thetas);

thetas = (pi/180)*thetas;

g0 = zeros(Fl,Fl);

Fmid = ceil(Fl/2);

 [x,y] = meshgrid(ceil(-Fl/2):ceil(Fl/2-1));

for i = 1:Ftheta

   rotCoords = Fmid+round(x*sin(thetas(i)) + y*cos(thetas(i)));


   g0 = g0 + sinogram(rotCoords,i)./Ftheta;




title('Simple backprojection')



The error message is occurring as follow:

Index in position 1 is invalid. Array indices must be positive integers or logical values.

Can anybody tell me why the issue is here?

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2 Answers

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Solution :

You are trying as follows:

Fmid = ceil(Fl/2);

[x,y] = meshgrid(ceil(-Fl/2):ceil(Fl/2-1));

rotCoords = Fmid+round(x*sin(thetas(i)) + y*cos(thetas(i)));

Generally when sin(thetas) is equal to 1 then cos(thetas) is equal to 0. So the rotCoords would be Fmid + round(x*1 + y*0) which can be as low as ceil(Fl/2) + ceil(-Fl/2) which will be 0. So the rotCoords can comes out 0, which is clearly the invalid index.

Please Note : In practice your rotCoords are in the range 0 to 259, where 259 is Fl-1

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1. somehow you have aa variable in your workspace that is named Px so matlab thinks you are indexing instead of calling a function.

  1. we think we just solved it by renaming Px to some other name. What do you mean by a workspace here, because on my main program, we don't see any Px only except for the function call
  2. Your code is not a function, so if you were to do
  3. Px = 'hello';
    1. before running the code then Px would be considered to be a variable instead of a function. You might have assigned something to Px in an earlier version of the code and not cleared your variables since then. Using functions instead of scripts protects against this kind of accidental use of left-over variables. Also you are using load() without assigning the output to a variable. If you happened to have a variable named Px in the .mat file, the stored value would become active. It is recommended that you assign load() to a variable and access the structure, something like

Follow the following Code:

filestruct = load('lowpasssignal.mat');
dsp = filestruct.dsp;   %pull out the specific variable you need from the structure.


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