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Problem :

I guess Chrome have released an update over the past week. And this update has caused at least 100 of our internal applications to throw the exception shown below. The solutions I have found over the Internet, talk about updating the application server with a stronger cipher. But, our applications are spread out over various different servers like  IIS, tomcat, jboss, weblogic and websphere. So it is not practical solution for me to expect all of these application servers to be updated. Is there any way to get Chrome to allow an "exception" for these sites ? As these sites are all our internal sites, so the security is not really a concern for us.

Firefox also throws the same exception but there is a documented fix for that by simply changing some settings in Firefox. Is there anyone who is aware of a similar fix in Chrome?


Server has a weak ephemeral Diffie-Hellman public key
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Solution :

I had also faced the same issue recently. After doing research I found the solution on it.

I have solved this problem without upgrading jrockit but by simply configuring the ssl section like follows :



    <hostname-verifier xsi:nil="true"></hostname-verifier>












It solved many different problems on SSL with chrome. I hope it will help you too in resolving your issue.

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