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Problem :

I have recently tried to send an email to my colleague,but received the following error:

Local-part of envelope RCPT address contains utf8 but the remote server did not offer SMTPUTF8

Many suggested to me that you need to avoid the UTF8 option in Gmail. But this option seems no longer available in either the Inbox interface or the "old" Gmail interface.

Also, using the plain-text option, doesn't change anything either. More details about the issue :the mail has no attachments and "special" characters or anything like that should require out of the way encoding.

Also it is important to note that the address contains a - symbol. It seems this is a problem, but there must be a way around it. Anybody have faced such issue before? Any Solution ?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

I had faced such issue, my suggestion is if you need to send your message now, you can try the different email service to send it.


Here is a thread from 2017 on the Official Gmail Help Forum UTF-8 Message not delivered. it doesn't include a workaround but several replies from Community Specialist, who have the Expert - Google Products badge, saying:

Hi ______

Welcome to the Gmail Help Forum!

I'm continuing to work with my team on this issue. Shall keep you posted on the update.

I'd appreciate your patience.

Best, Nina

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