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Problem :

 gonzo  ~/a/packages  conda env list

# conda environments:


ppo_latest               /nohome/jaan/alecxe/anaconda3/envs/ppo_latest

root                  *  /nohome/jaan/alecxe/anaconda3

 gonzo  ~/a/packages  conda activate ppo_latest

 gonzo  ~/a/packages  which python                                                                                     (ppo_latest)


 gonzo  ~/a/packages  conda deactivate                                                                                 (ppo_latest)

 gonzo  ~/a/packages  which python


Here the environment gets activated without an error. Then I want to check which python it is referring to it and it is not changing.., May I know why it is happening?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

I had also faced the similar issue in recent past. I found out the solution on it.

If you follow the following steps your issue will be resolved

As of conda 4.4, the command is as follows:

conda activate <envname>

This is the same for all the platforms. The procedure to add conda to the PATH environment variable for the non-Windows platforms, as well as to change the environment activation procedure, is given in detailed manner in the release notes for conda 4.4.0.

For conda versions older than 4.4 the command is as follows for different types of operating systems::

source activate <envname>

For Linux and macOS OR

activate <envname>

For Windows. You will have to remove the conda keyword from the command

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