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Problem :

I am having a box with 8gb of ram, so I don’t think the total memory is the issue. This application is running properly on boxes with 6gb or less ram.

What I am trying to do is to reserve 3GB of space using -Xmx3G command under "VM Arguments" in Run Configurations in my Eclipse.

But every time when I try to reserve more than 1500mb, I get following error: “Error occurred during initialization of VM; Could not reserve enough space for object heap” using -Xmx3G

Why am I getting such error any clue?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

Please understand that Windows has virtual memory management and the JVM only needs the memory that is contiguous in its address space. So the other programs running on the system should not necessarily impact your heap size. What can affect you are DLL's those get loaded in to your address space. But the optimizations in Windows that minimizes the relocation of DLL's during the linking makes it more likely that you will have a fragmented address space. The things that are likely to cut in to your address space apart from the usual stuff includes the security softwares, CBT softwares, spywares and other forms of malwares. The likely causes of the variances are different security patches, C runtime versions, etc. The device drivers and other kernel bits have their own address space e.g. the other 2GB of the 4GB 32-bit space.

You could try going through your DLL bindings in your JVM process and try to rebase your DLL's in to the more compact address space. Alternatively, you can switch to the 64-bit Windows and a 64-bit JVM.

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