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Problem :

 I am learning to work with neural networks in R. As a learning tutorial I am using the following problem over at Kaggle:


This problem is specifically designed for people who want to learn and please note there is no reward tied to it.

I have started with a simple logistic regression, My training data looks like the following 

Column : Row

- survived: 1
- pclass:   3
- sex:      male
- age:      22.0
- sibsp:    1
- parch:    0
- ticket:   PC 17601
- fare:     7.25
- cabin:    C85
- embarked: S

And my starting R code looks like following code:

> net <- neuralnet(survived ~ pclass + sex + age + sibsp + parch + ticket + fare + cabin + embarked, train, hidden=10, threshold=0.01)

But whenever I try to run this line of code I get the following error:

Error in neurons[[i]] %*% weights[[i]] : 
requires numeric/complex matrix/vector arguments

Can anyone help in resolving my issue?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

The Error Message "Requires numeric/complex matrix/vector arguments" occurs when you have either factor or character variables in your data.

There are three ways to solve your problem:

1. Try Deleting the variable

2.  If your variable is the ordered factor then use integer instead.

3.  If your variable is character, then transform it into factor and then into dummy variable.

You can use the model.matrix() mentioned above or class.ind() function from nnet package to transfer the factor into dummy variable.

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