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Problem :

I am using Pandas 0.20.3 in my python 3.X. I for the first time and want to add one column in a pandas data frame from the other pandas data frame. My both the data frame contains 51 rows. So I tried following code:


But I got following error message:

ValueError: Cannot set a frame with no defined index and a value that cannot be converted to a Series

My class_df.dtypes gives me :

Group_ID      object

YEAR           object

Terget           object

phone          object

age              object

Cost            object

RAM           object

Display       object

Storage      object

and when I type(group['phone']) it returns the pandas.core.series.Series

Can anyone suggest me what changes I need to do to remove above error?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

I have lots of industry experience in writing complex Python code.

I have gone through your post and understood your problem.

So to begin with you must follow below approach to resolve your issue:

I did lot of research and ultimately found that this error comes when you return an empty data frame. The best approach which ultimately worked for me was to check if the data frame is empty just before using apply() as follows:

if len(df) !=  0:
    df['indicator'] = df.apply(assign_indicator, axis=1)
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