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Problem :

I got an error on Xcode saying that there was no information about the view controller as follows:

Could not insert new outlet connection: Could not find any information for the class named

Why am I getting this error?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

Please find below the steps that can fix your issue:

·    Clean your affected Project  by doing Product > Clean

·    Please Manually paste following code

·    @IBOutlet weak var viewName: UIView!

     // or

    @IBAction func viewTapped(_ sender: Any) { }

     control drag to it also change type as needed.

·    Completely close your Xcode and restart your project.

·    To Delete the Derived Data folder please Go to Xcode > Preferences > Locations and click the visible gray arrow by the Derived Data and after that delete your project folder.

·    Finally click delete on the class and remove reference Please do not Move it to Trash and add it back again.

·    This will solve your issue.



Here are the alternate steps which solved the issue for me:

1.      Please Remove Class name reference from View(e.g. storyboard/xib) and click on save;

2.      After that Add Class name again and click on save;

3.      Finally just do Clean and Build;

Done ! this will solve your issue.

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