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Problem :

I have created a project on my old laptop using rails and heroku. I am trying to access the files and push the new edits to heroku on my laptop. Luckily they are all saved on Git so I can clone the git repository onto my new laptop.

My new  laptop had no previous softwares on it so I installed ruby and rails and there versions were fine but when I try to bundle install when the folder is open in command prompt I get the following error "The checkum of /versions does not match the checksum provided by server! Something is wrong".

Also when I try the rails -v i get the following error message "You do not have [insert gem name] try running bundle install" So I tried to install the new gem and still I am getting the same error.

This has become the nightmare for me and I just want to find a correct way to install ruby and rails so that above mentioned errors will get out the way.

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Solution :

Please try following Approach. I also had the similar problem in the past.

Please run following commands:

gem uninstall bundler

If that does not work for you try--force at the end of the command as follows:

gem uninstall bundler--force 

After that reinstall the bundler using following command :

gem install bundler
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