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Problem :

Using new android studio with new 3.0.0 Gradle pluging. When building some warning occurred as follows:

registerResGeneratingTask is deprecated, useregisterGeneratedFolders(FileCollection)
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Solution :

Gradle plugins are the reason behind it. It is just warning and not the error so removing the plugins that are reason behind the issue is unnecessery. If you can't fix it, avoid it as long as it is just warning right now and not removed From what I can tell as of the main reason, it is understood by refreshing the Gradle file however in the Spoon library, it was fixed by changing a line identified with TestVariant by following the subjects in the Gradle plugin 3.0.0 migration guide.The whole thing is secured by the devloper docs, yet here's a portion of the stuff I believe is important depending on the pull requests done on projects where it's been an issue: Aside updating the Gradle version and plugin, you additionally need to add to your google() repo under repositories. compile is currently implementation or api, yet implementation is the recomended one. provided is compileOnly and apk is runtimeOnly androidTestCompile has become androidTestImplementation, and testCompile - > testImplementation Just in case that if you use flavors, you need to also use flavor dimensions.For build types, you need to include the fallbacks for case there is a library that doesn't have that build type. These are defined in the profile block under the android block. If not done as of now, the gradle plugin must be defined first. if you don't have some other classpath dependencies, is not an issue.But if you realy want to  do then please make sure that the gradle plugin is defined first.

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