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Problem :

I want to run the NVCC to compile my CUDA program on my Mac.

But when I try to run the NVCC, I am facing below error message:

"nvcc fatal : The version ('70300') of the host compiler ('Apple clang') is not supported".

I tried updating the XCode version to 7.3, and the Mac version to 10.11.4.

But I am facing the same error.

How can I revert my Apple Clang Version?

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Solution :

To solve your issue please try to download the next to latest all command line tools and install them then write following command in the console:

sudo xcode-select --switch /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools

You can revert your Apple Clang to the original version of the tools. By writing following command in the console:

sudo xcode-select --switch /Applications/Xcode.app


Please try the homebrew's version of llvm it will work for you. 

Just write following command:

brew install llvm37

After that try to set your compiler to homebrew's clang: /usr/local/bin/clang++-3.7

By this way you will be able to leave your OS X dev environment to defaults as they were


Just rename your Xcode existing in your mac as the Xcode-7.app in your /Applications folder. After that just download Xcode6.4 from below link:  https://developer.apple.com/download/more/ 

And just install it. And you will be sorted.


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