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Problem :

I am trying to install the visual studio code on the Ubuntu VM also I am using c++. But I am facing the following error message which is often covering my pages tab at the top and it is very frustrating:

Please install [clang]( or check configuration `clang.executable`

I tried to install the clang using following command apt-get install llvm.

I have also installed the C++ support from the required packages.

I am now completely confused have anyone ever faced the above error and have the solution on it ?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

I think the clang is not correctly installed on the ubuntu box.

Please try to Install clang by following commands:

sudo apt-get install clang
clang -v //Please check the installed version

Now your error must be fixed.


I also had faced the same problem in recent past and also solved it with the below steps:

1.  I had firstly installed the llvm plus clang which is available on the following link

2.  After that I had installed the C++ language adapter which is available on the following link

3.  Lastly I configured the path of the llvm/bin folder installed in Step 1 above and in the visual studios code that has the 'user settings', with the help of clang.executable: variable. After that please refer to the Step 2 from 'configuration' section explained in the above url.

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