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Problem :

I have recently installed krb5-1.2.3 on my Linux machine.I want to utilize this install as the client and the KDC is installed on another machine. But while I tried to do the initial kinit I got the following error;

# ./kinit
kinit(v5): Configuration file does not specify default realm when parsing name

I am unable to understand the error, I am having my config file at /etc/krb5.conf path and it also defines my default realm.Is there anybody who have faced this message before and have any solution on it ?

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Solution :

I think somebody might have moved the config file but they might have forgotten to copy your config file or they might have replaced your config file with the default config file I have seen this happen in many teams so often with other software. So my suggestion will be to try using 'strace kinit' command to trace down your files actual path and if your config file is not present at the usual location then you will need to move your working config file.You can try to do the double check and confirm that it is the your last working file which is where you left it.

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