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Problem :

My report server was not able to verify the integrity of the encrypted data in the database.

So getting following error rsCannotValidateEncryptedData

Also it could not restore the original encryption key, so I just tried deleting the keys and then tried to regenerate them with the help of rskeymngt -s but no luck. I am facing following error

'The report server was unable to validate the integrity of encrypted data in the database. (rsCannotValidateEncryptedData)'

I am unable to resolve the issue. Does anyone have any clue about it?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

I also had faced the same issue. So to fix the issue I followed the below steps:

I just went to following path SSRS Configuration Manager > Encryption Keys > click Delete.

But when I did that I got following error message:

Failed to delete the encryption content in the report server database. Please execute the "DeleteEncryptedContent" stored procedure on the database manually.

After getting this error I went to following path SQL Server Mgmt Studio > Report Server > new query:

exec DeleteEncryptedContent

And executed the above command. After that I simply restarted the service.And it started working for me.

If you follow the above mentioned procedure carefully then your issue will also get resolved.

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