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Problem :

Xcode as of 6.3 is no longer allowing me to automatically perform the device provisioning for one of my client. Has anybody faced the same issue before?

My client has their own bundle ID and it is also the possibility that they may also have their own provisioning profile for this device. So I guess the Apple is matching up with the bundle ID irrespective of the any account being used for provisioning.

I had the workaround for this issue by modifying the app bundle ID and manually completing the provisioning process.

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Solution :

I can assure you that this issue is actually more common than you think.

Solutions for this issue:

I generally find the Xcode's settings and by signing out of my account and then signing back in again resolves my most of those issues.

You can also try the older mac that already used up the one allotted development certificate. Here you must export the developer profile from that machine and that will solve your issue.

You can also double check the build settings in the project and make sure that it is looking for the right certificate. It is common for the settings to make decisions on their own.

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