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Problem :

I want to use the TraMineR's (version 1.8.4) seqdef-funciton to define the sequence object, however I always face the following error message which is completely senseless to me:

Error in row.names<-.data.frame(*tmp*, value = value) : invalid 'row.names' length

My code input is as follows:

sample.sts <- seqdef(sample, var=d("jan2005", "feb2005", "mar2005", "apr2005", "may2005", 
"jun2005", "jul2005", "aug2005", "sep2005", "oct2005", "nov2005", "dec2005"),  
alphabet=d("Employee (full-time)", "Employee (part-time)", 
"Self-employed (full-time)", "Self-employed (part-time)", "unemployed", "Retired", 
"Student", "Other inactive", "Compulsory military service"), 
states=d("EF", "EP", "SF", "SP", "UE", "RE", "ST", "IA", "MS"), id="pidc")


The whole output says:

[>] 3266 sequences in the data set
[>] min/max sequence length: 12/12
Fehler in row.names<-.data.frame(*tmp*, value = value) :
invalid 'row.names' length

I again tried running it after re-labeling the states without "-", but it does not affect the error. Does someone knows what causes this error?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

The "id" argument of seqdef should be the vector containing only one entry per sequences (e.g. The length of id vector should be equal to the number of sequences). You should try using id=as.character(sample$pid) Or you can also try id=sample$pid but without as.character

I can see that there are some mismatch between the states in the data and the alphabet argument since the "-" was replaced by ".". Now you should probably try to change the alphabet argument

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