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Problem :

I am trying to develop the Android application using google map api v2 to show the Map in a Fragment. But when I run the application, I always faced the following error message appearing in my log every now and then.

I have already tried below things:

·   Tried erasing the debug.keystore and rebuilding the app.

·   Downgraded my Google Play Service and upgraded it again.

·   Deselected the Offline Work

But nothing works for me so far.

Please find below the error in my Log tab :

2364-3928/com.example.android.app D/DynamiteModule: Failed to load module descriptor class: Didn't find class "com.google.android.gms.dynamite.descriptors.com.google.android.gms.googlecertificates.ModuleDescriptor" on path: DexPathList[[zip file "/data/app/com.example.android.app-2/base.apk"],nativeLibraryDirectories=[/data/app/com.example.android.app-2/lib/arm, /data/app/com.example.android.app-2/base.apk!/lib/armeabi-v7a, /vendor/lib, /system/lib]]

2364-3928/com.example.android.app E/DynamiteModule: Considering local module com.google.android.gms.googlecertificates:0 and remote module com.google.android.gms.googlecertificates:1

2364-3928/com.example.android.app E/DynamiteModule: Selected remote version of com.google.android.gms.googlecertificates, version >= 1

2364-3928/com.example.android.app F/System: ClassLoader referenced unknown path: /data/user/0/com.google.android.gms/app_chimera/m/00000000/n/armeabi

2364-3928/com.example.android.app C/ChimeraFileApk: Primary ABI of requesting process is armeabi-v7a

2364-3928/com.example.android.app C/ChimeraFileApk: Classloading successful. Optimized code found.

2364-3928/com.example.android.app C/GoogleCertificates: com.google.android.gms.googlecertificates module is loaded

2364-3928/com.example.android.app C/GoogleCertificatesImpl: Fetched 154 Google release certificates

1921-2130/? V/GoogleSignatureVerifier: com.example.android.app signature not valid. 

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1 Answer

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Solution :

Please add below code in project level gradle file:

classpath 'com.google.gms:google-services:2.1.0'

Also add below code in module level gradle file:

compile 'com.google.android.gms:play-services:8.4.0'

Finally move below plugin at the end of file at module level gradle file:

apply plugin: 'com.google.gms.google-services'


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