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Problem :

I am new to NodeJS and trying to connect to mySQL through the NodeJS file, however I am facing the below error :

{ Error: ER_ACCESS_DENIED_ERROR: Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

at Handshake.Sequence._packetToError (/home/alecxe/Node/mySqlTest/node_modules/mysql/lib/protocol/sequences/Sequence.js:40:14)

at Handshake.ErrorPacket (/home/alecxe/Node/mySqlTest/node_modules/mysql/lib/protocol/sequences/Handshake.js:77:18)

at Protocol._parsePacket (/home/alecxe/Node/mySqlTest/node_modules/mysql/lib/protocol/Protocol.js:297:24)

at Parser.write (/home/alecxe/Node/mySqlTest/node_modules/mysql/lib/protocol/Parser.js:72:12)

at Protocol.write (/home/alecxe/Node/mySqlTest/node_modules/mysql/lib/protocol/Protocol.js:47:16)

at Socket.ondata (_stream_readable.js:655:20)

at emitOne (events.js:201:20)

at Socket.emit (events.js:288:7)

at readableAddChunk (_stream_readable.js:276:18)

at Socket.Readable.push (_stream_readable.js:234:10)


at Protocol._enqueue (/home/alecxe/Node/mySqlTest/node_modules/mysql/lib/protocol/Protocol.js:210:26)

at Protocol.handshake (/home/alecxe/Node/mySqlTest/node_modules/mysql/lib/protocol/Protocol.js:52:41)

at Connection.connect (/home/alecxe/Node/mySqlTest/node_modules/mysql/lib/Connection.js:91:18)

at Connection._implyConnect (/home/alecxe/Node/mySqlTest/node_modules/mysql/lib/Connection.js:322:10)

at Connection.query (/home/alecxe/Node/mySqlTest/node_modules/mysql/lib/Connection.js:237:8)

at Object.<anonymous> (/home/alecxe/Node/mySqlTest/index.js:21:12)

at Module._compile (module.js:670:32)

at Object.Module._extensions..js (module.js:679:10)

at Module.load (module.js:587:32)

at tryModuleLoad (module.js:546:12)


errno: 1045,

sqlState: '28000',

fatal: true }

I am facing this error when running my javascript. I am using MySQL 5.7.16 on my Ubuntu 16.04.1 on a VM. Not sure if my VM makes a difference here.

Please find below my Javascript code :

'use strict';                                                                                        var mytestsql = require('mytestsql');

var myconnection = mytestsql.createConnection({

host: 'localhost',

user: 'root',

password: 'password'



'SELECT "foo" AS first_field, "bar" AS second_field',

    function(err, results, fields) {







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1 Answer

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Solution :

I had faced the same issue, I fixed it by changing the just the password to empty string as follows:

var mytestsql = require('mytestsql');
var myconnection = mytestsql.createConnection({
    host: 'localhost',
    user: 'root',
    password: ''


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