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Problem :

I have integrated my app with the Google+ platform as well as the Google+ button so far. Previously the things seem to be working really well, but now I keep on encountering following error message in my logs very often..

11-30 15:14:58.296: E/ActivityThread(2308): Failed to find provider info for com.google.plus.platform

Has anybody faced this issue before? Any clues?

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Solution :

Well I guess i have found the root cause for this message after adding the admob to one of the new projects. Fortunately this is not an error, but just a warning.

And it shows up if the app google+ is not at all installed in your phone where the app runs. I guess that the admob tries to find specific ads for a person depending on its google plus account if the person has installed the app in his phone.

Or else it just throws the below message:

Failed to find provider info for com.google.plus.platform

and it continues to keep showing up the general ads.

I simply installed the google+ app in my phone and after that logged in with my account. And after that when I ran my app it is not throwing this message anymore.

And it resolved my issue.


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