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Problem :

I have looked for solution for literally hours but no luck so I am asking it here.

I am trying to build the chat server using the python's socket module. But when I run the server after my client connects to it and also the server connects, I face following exception:

[WinError 10038] An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket

I have tried to build a drastically reduced server and it works where current server does not. This exception has confused me as it is popping up nearly the line for line.

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1 Answer

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Solution :

Allow me to explain the couple of things to you:

·    At the server side: Generally you will create a socket, bind it, and listen for the connections.

·    At the client side: Generally you will create a socket and then you will try to connect to the server.

I think the server side is fine in your case but when it comes to the client side you need not have following line:


You should update your code like following example:

ip = ''

port = 1234

sc.connect((ip, port))


while True:


Also please make sure that all your indentations are correct and you are closing your sockets correctly as this is the reason why you are facing this error.

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