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Problem :

I have following two classes: JDialog and JFrame (see signature below). I want them to have few extra methods, but I also want them both to extend my code, without rewriting the code Is it possible to do that?

java.awt.Window » java.awt.Dialog » javax.swing.JDialog  
java.awt.Window » java.awt.Frame » javax.swing.JFrame

Suppose I am trying to add the function moveWindowToMagicPositionOnScreen(), to move the window to the user-friendly position on users screen.I want the function to apply to both the JDialog and JFrame classes. Using the inheritance, I am trying to write two classes, for example MagicJDialog and MagicJFrame, each of them will implement the method moveWindowToMagicPositionOnScreen() in the identical way. So I will not want to write the code twice. I want only one class to utilize the code of the other class.

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Solution :

I think the Interface / Delegate / Composition ideas will be the "cleanest". But the best alternative is to make use of the utility class with the static method as follows :

public static moveWindowToMagicPositionOnScreen(Window window) { 
window.setLocation(x, y);  

In fact, I would like to put the calculation logic in another function, 

e.g computeMagicPositionOnScreen().

By following above approach you can resolve your logical issues.

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