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Problem :

I am having some very strange problems with the protection in Google New Sheets.

I have protected my sheet for edit by owner only except for the rows 5 to 7 using the 'Sheet protect except certain cells' function under the 'Data - Protected sheets and ranges...'

I have also used the simple User Function menu which can be invoked on open that contains the simple Google Apps Script that will insert a given number of rows. The following things are happening when the other user tries to access the sheet:

1.      The basic protection seems works as expected. The other user can only edit the rows 5 to 7.

2.      The insert row function which I selected under User Functions menu produces the 'Service error: Spreadsheets'.

3.      And if the other user tries to delete any of the 3 unprotected rows then the message as follows: 'Can't save your changes. Copy any recent changes, then revert to an earlier version...'  will appear in the red box at the top of the screen. By clicking on the top 'revert to an earlier version...' link will reverse the delete.

If I remove all the protection then everything is 100% for the other user - insert rows function - delete rows etc.

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Solution :

You need to set up the project trigger for onOpen() rather than the use of  the simple onOpen(). Then it will run with the required privileges rather than those of the current user. So just click on the Resources/Current Project Triggers and add a new trigger. And you are sorted.

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