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Problem :

Does anyone having trouble using the jdk 8.0 ??

I don't know why I am facing some of the disturbances. Not sure why but after compiling the javacode in 'drjava' while I was trying to run it is giving me below error.

Current document is out of sync with the Interactions Pane and should be recompiled! "

I tried to change my compiler from JDK 8.0 to the Eclipse Compiler 0.A48 it showed me the same message . but after frequently recompiling the code and clicking the run button rather than using the shortcut key (F2) it finally ran !!!! Then I changed my compiler back to JDK 8.0 and to my surprise it also ran. But after few compilation of my codes it started to show me  the same error message.

And the most irritating part is now my drjava is hanging while i was trying to change my compiler back !!! I guess I have to go back to my JDK 7.

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Solution :

I am running the DrJava on JDK 8 and I have also faced the same issue when I ran my DrJava Windows App. But now I run DrJava jar file instead of the windows app.

Just compile your code again (shift + F5) and run (keyboard - F2). Unlike Eclipse and other sophisticated IDEs, DrJava requires you to compile all modified code before you run it.

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